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 Whether you’re a business looking to grow and keep your records organized, or you’re an individual looking to lower your taxes and plan for retirement, AccountLink Professional Accounting & Bookkeeping Services is the right Greenville and Smithfield RI accountant for you. We have been proudly servicing the specialized accounting needs of individuals and businesses in the area since 1998, and we’d like to help you too.

 While we offer comprehensive accounting services that can fit all of your needs, we welcome clients who also want to tailor our services to suit their exact needs. If you prefer an outsourced bookkeeper because you do not want the high cost of hiring your own in-house bookkeeper, we can help. If you just need someone to take a look at your books occasionally to make sure everything is in order, we can do that too.

 From consulting and tax preparation to completely handling all of your individual or business financial requirements, AccountLink is a Greenville and Smithfield RI accountant offering superior service that can give you financial peace of mind.

 Our Accounting Services

 AccountLink offers a wide range of accounting services so we’re sure to meet your needs. We’ll take the time to get to know your specific financial situation and future goals to ensure we maximize your cash flow, minimize your tax liability, and help you to achieve your desired financial future. 

  • For Businesses and Corporations 
    • Bookkeeping – Daily, weekly or monthly services including remote access, pickup and delivery.  General Ledger maintenance, bank account transaction posting and statement reconciliation, cash flow management and bill payment services, payroll and payroll tax management, sales tax management, reporting, and more
    • Accounting – Setting accounting controls, streamlining accounting functions, budgeting and financial forecasting, setting accounting policies and procedures, insurance coverage consulting, month-end and year-end closings, job cost analysis, operational expense analysis, gross profit analysis, and more
    • Cost Segregation Studies – Potentially save thousands of dollars… legalized in 1997, Cost Segregation is the reclassification of many building components to make them depreciable in five, seven or fifteen years. Without Cost Segregation, the entire building is depreciated over 39 years, but with Cost Segregation up to 50% of the cost is depreciated faster
    • R&D Tax Credit Studies – Due to new regulations introduced in 2001, many more companies now qualify for the R & D Tax Credit. The focus of R & D Tax Credits has been expanded from the development and/or improvement of products to the actual efforts in process development and continuous improvement. If a company is involved in streamlining internal processes, setting up new systems, developing software, developing prototypes, designing tools, performing certifications, attempting to use new material or outside resources to perform the activities, they are likely a good candidate to claim the  R & D Tax Credit. We can amend past returns to realize missed credit savings as well
    • Tax Planning – Analyzing past tax returns, uncovering tax reduction strategies, asset protection planning, risk management consulting, wealth preservation consulting, and more
    • Tax Preparation – Business and corporate tax preparation (federal and all 50 states), payroll tax preparation, sales tax preparation, and more
    • Controller Services – Accounting and internal controls, periodic general ledger analysis (remote or onsite), financial statement preparation and distribution, and more
    • Human Resource Management – Comprehensive employee maintenance, retirement and 401k management and consulting, employee benefits consulting, health benefits management and consulting, employee performance reviews, employee manual creation and maintenance, employee recruiting, employee placement interviews, payroll time and attendance maintenance, and more
    • QuickBooks/Accounting Software Services – Accounting software consultation, installing QuickBooks or other accounting software, optimizing accounting software for users, old accounting record cleanup, converting accounting records to new software, accounting software training, ongoing support, and more
    • Business Setup Services – Business setup consultation for new and existing businesses, entity selection guidance, incorporation document preparation and filing, FEIN document preparation and filing, bank account and payroll setup, and more
    • Four Step Marketing Consulting – Increase your business with the proven Four Step Marketing method
    • Free financial calculators
    • Asset protection planning resources
    • Referrals and other helpful links


  • For Families and Individuals
    • Tax preparation (all 50 states), tax planning, budgeting, cash management and bill-pay services, elder care and long-term care financial services and more

 We’re Eager to Speak with You

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