R&D Tax credit studies

R&D costs money and does not always result in success; however innovation is important to the success and growth of a company and an economy.  Recognizing this, the government provides tax credit incentives to encourage businesses to invest in R&D.

The gross R&D tax credit is a 20 percent credit on qualified research expenditures that exceed a base amount.  Typically, the net tax benefit of the federal credit may be approximately 6.5 percent of qualified research expenditures.  State credits are usually less than this but can be significant.

The R&D Tax Credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction of your income tax liability and can be claimed in addition to any tax deduction claimed for expenditures.  Prior year returns can be amended (for the past three years) in the event of any missed credits and any unused credits can be carried forward for 20 years.

Our qualified Tax Credit Professionals can help you determine your qualified activities, processes, systems and expenditures as well as manage the documentation requirements to safely obtain this Tax Credit.  We have assisted numerous clients obtain their Tax Credits as documented on the previous page.

Performed properly, the R&D Tax Credit can save you a significant amount of money.  However if the Qualified Activities identified are marginal at best and /or your documentation is poorly maintained then your chances of approval for this credit are greatly diminished.  An outside service provider who is a specialist in this area is highly recommended to insure your greatest chance of success in claiming this credit.

Allow us to perform a complimentary investigation into your company records at no charge, to determine if you have R&D Tax Credit Qualified Activities that you are not or have not been taking advantage of.  If we find evidence leading to the fact that you can claim an R&D Tax Credit that has not already been claimed, then we will provide a proposal to you for engagement of our services.

Please contact us for more information and to set up a time that we can come in and evaluate your situation.