Company Profile

I founded my company in 1998 with the mission to serve the small business community and I take great care and concern to meet the needs of the business owner by providing outstanding, professional and courteous service to him and his staff. I learn his language, and then speak it.

My desire is to alleviate the business owner of the day-to-day financial stresses and provide second-to-none financial management that frees him up to do what he does best. I created my service business with this philosophy in mind and continue with it to this day; I have helped many small business owners achieve a balanced life-style because they were confident that their finances were in capable hands and expertly handled.

I want to help you succeed. I have over 20 years of both public and private operational experience servicing numerous industries such as Construction, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Mortgage, Bakery, Retail, Insurance, Non-profit and more.

My company also encompasses a team of tax experts to help you save your hard earned cash from being over-taxed. Through our state-of-the-art Tax Studies program, your business will be reviewed to determine if you qualify for potential tax savings and tax reductions. Please see our Tax Savings page for detailed information on how these studies can help you.

Please feel free to e-mail me or call me to schedule a complimentary consultation to evaluate your business and tax needs. It is my pleasure to service you.


John DeChristofaro