Asset Protection Planning

Asset protection is the proactive planning to protect your assets from future creditors or judgments. This involves a series of legal measures that can deter a lawsuit or help prevent the seizure of your assets after a judgment. Having a solid plan in place forces legal opponents to quickly recognize the difficulty in pursuing a claim. That alone can cause them to settle for a very small percentage. Essentially, you have the option of employing a variety of legal techniques that are implemented to deter creditors from pursuing you, and to aggravate them if they attempt to do so. These concepts are designed to make it complicated, if not impossible, for your assets to be taken or a judgment collected.

Asset protection planning also keeps your wealth out from under prying eyes. Protecting your assets also means that they are out of reach of aU.S.court judgment. If your assets are awarded to a creditor, in the event of a judgment, your protection plan can keep your assets intact and typically keep you in control of your property. You stay in control until you reach a point where your money would be taken. Then, at your request, the very reputable, licensed, bonded trustee can step in and keep your money away from the courts.

In situations where there are a variety of assets involved, your plan may consist of several legal structures, both in your home country and offshore. It is crucial that you proceed with an experienced and qualified professional.

We have trustees that we have used for years who are licensed, bonded and experienced. Therefore, we insist that every client make themselves aware of the pitfalls of bundled services and unlicensed foreign trustees that can leave you with little or no protection, in serious legal jeopardy, or in the worst cases, defrauded of the assets you were trying to protect.

We offer a personalized approach to your planning and take our clients by the hand, guiding them, informing them and educating them on all of the available options in order to make confident decisions. We recommend an asset protection plan that is developed specifically for your needs, value of assets and your comfort level. Your options are plentiful and the desired level of protection can be attained within your realm of comfort.

Please give us a call if you would like to learn more about protecting your hard earned assets.